Early in the generation of my work, I became interested in what I referred to as “the space between people”. Not only the miles or inches that separate us, but everything that the phrase might imply: Space as distance and space as time; Living space and the space between words.

I have often used silence as a subject, and more recently I have been engaged by the idea of a silence chosen. I am particularly drawn to instances of silence within the domestic arena and to boundaries that limit how much can be known. I have my own ambivalences about the need to tell and the desire to remain unknown. Stemming from this ambivalence is an interest in combining sentimental ideas with mathematical approaches.

Source materials have always been very important in my work. I have used worn household linens, television schedules, camping supply catalogues, and the daily newspaper. All have to do with domestic space or the establishment of it. Many of these objects carry sentimental associations. My approach to each source varies, and has been somewhat less than sentimental. I am interested in using the geometry, grids, and systematic approaches of high modern, minimal, and conceptual art, in part to show how they do and do not relate to more popular and sentimental forms. This combination of sources and systems involves questions about the symbolic economy of love and affection, as well as the collision of overt sentimentality and high modernist ideal, while evoking loss, elements of time, and the process of handiwork.