In my most recent project I have been combining the remains of two outmoded technologies — used mailing envelopes and traditional American quilt-making — to create large scale works on paper. These new pieces also begin to integrate the sentimentality and rational structures of some of my earlier work.

Sentimental handiwork and geometric precision are both present in traditional quilt-making patterns. These patterns reference homemaking, childhood, the bedroom (romance, etc), and also privacy (covering), while embodying a geometric abstraction that pre-dated Geometric Abstraction.

Mailing envelopes exist at the unavoidable intersection of communication and privacy. Their contents are banal yet guarded: private thoughts mingle with business records and utility bills. The patterns sometimes used to hide the contents bear a surprising similarity to those found on vintage fabrics. The bright colors and security tints of those envelopes, as they are gradually replaced by digital transactions, belie their guarded contents while evoking thoughts of a comforting domestic past.